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New update from us, we have a new contact form for you to easily upload your file and send to us. Try it now and see how easy it could be. No need to open your email, put in your username and password, copy and paste our email address and so on. Just go to our website, fill name and upload file in the contact form!

We prefer artwork preview with .jpg/jpeg,.ai,bmp,.psd,.pdf file extension not larger than 5Mb. The system will automatically send an email to us and will reply you back with price quotation and such. We will require you to send us the original file design later on after t-shirt and quotaiton confirmed by you. Form more about artwork submission, visit our page here [artwork submission guideline]

NOTE: Please type your email correctly or else your email will not reach us. If there is any trouble with the form, do email us at sales/at/

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For a printing price quotation or enquiries, we need you to upload your design on the form below.
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