The Wash Symbols

This is a direct challenge to the SABS,  the Textile industry and the work wear clothing industry.   Stop putting those meaningless wash symbols on Overalls and Conti-suits that say “Do Not Tumble Dry”   First of all this is just a legal cop-out.

Something like   “ My overall has shrunk “   “ Oh. Did you Tumble dry it “ Yes. “
Well  if you had stuck to the label and not tumble dried it it would not have shrunk. Don’t speak to me speak to my lawyer

“Cotton  overalls are made from cotton,  grown and picked off the farm.   It shrinks 6%.   Just like when you go out at night and see the stars, it is nature.  If it is cotton and if it has not been pretreated then it will shrink 6%.

Sanforisation – A manufacturing process invented by Sanford Cluett in 1933, sanforisation is a treatment applied to fabric to reduce cloth shrinkage after washing. During the sanforising process, the fibers of the cotton fabric are stretched both in length and in width so that cloth that is washed and dried will not shrink much.   Cotton after Sanforising will not shrink more than 1%. What the Textile industry and workwear manufacturers are really saying is  “  Sanforising is expensive so we have left it out.  We know this garment is going to shrink by 6% and we don’t want to be responsible so here is a label saying do not tumble dry.    Next year we are going to add  another label that say’s  “ Do not wash. “